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Our final show was in the fall, 2001:

Pure announces PureRedux - a chance to experience a retrospective selection of the avant garde and fascinating contemporary works shown at Pure since its opening in February 2001.

PureRedux features a ‘salon’ exhibition of works by Bill Arms, John Armstrong, Jennifer Burkley, Jake Harwell, David Hawe, Thomas Hölzer, Marianne Lovink, Marc Ouellette, Mark Prent, Sarah Quinton, Gary Spearin, Steve Storz, KC Willis. PureRedux is a celebration of some of the best contemporary art on show in Taos and a final chance for the public to view and purchase some of their favourite pieces from the previous seven months.

‘We are encouraging art lovers, collectors and neophyte art fanciers to support the mandates of Pure, whether it is enriching the cultural life of Taos, giving emerging artists a venue for their work or exposing audiences to truly contemporary art. We encourage them to lay down their hard-earned, recession nibbled cash to acquire a beautiful work of art and by doing so allow Pure to continue achieving its goals.” says Jill Battson. The PureRedux works can be viewed on Pure’s website: www.puretaos.com.

PureRedux opened with a reception on Saturday, September 8th 6 - 8pm at Pure at 246 Ledoux Street, Taos, in the Bistram Courtyard.

Want to see some samples of this work?.

And in the PureBackroom:

Danielle Hauss
Rachel Popowcer
Anna Bush Crews

Filmmaker Steve Storz to Premier Embrace

Filmmaker Steve Storz celebrates the world premier of his recent independent film Embrace at Pure. The 8 minute film will be shown with an additional short made in 1979 called Tren Wardak. Both films were written, produced and directed by Storz and will be shown at the premier on October 27th, 2001, at 7:30 PM.

Embrace is the story of two people who meet and fall in love at a party held in a tower somewhere in the future. Noted for its haunting noir-ish look Embrace is a triumph of multimedia. Storz combined super 8 mm film, CGI (computer digital imaging), pixilation, digital animation titling, and film to video transfer. Renowned for his sculptures of ancient futuristic towers Storz has embellished the tale throughout with his unique artwork. Using both color and black and white film stock creates a notion of uncertainty between dream and reality.

Working with new talents Andrei Gravelle and Tosca Hidalgo Y Teran, Storz continues his themes of humanity thriving in a land where structures are made from cast-off materials. Reusing materials to make habitable structures out of has become the look that is uniquely Storz’s work. Often described as apocalyptic, Storz is quick to remind that the term used to describe his work includes rebirth and resurrection.

The accompanying short Tren Wardak is a 8mm film using a wind up camera and was shot in 1979 while Storz was in his senior year of highschool. Set in the future, it tells of a man who escapes from a prison using a “molecular scrabble” chamber used to beam mail to other planets. He materializes on a forested planet and is hunted by a space warrior named Tren Wardak. The surviving print that was transferred to video in 1992 has the interesting addition of mold that grew on the celluloid. This can be seen during the first credits. A result of the film having been made in the damp environs of the Pacific Northwest.

Both films will be available together on a special autographed VHS cassettes at the premier.

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