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Marc Ouellette

  Throat 06

Marc Oullette's collection PureThroat were shown in the Pure Backspace in May 2001. These evocative and disturbing paintings are part of Marc Ouellette’s first ventures into oil painting after painting primarily in acrylic. Marc sees the throat as one of the more expressive features of the head and readily admits the influence of Francis Bacon in his work.

Marc Ouellette is an emerging artist from Albuquerque, in fact, PureThroat is his second solo show. Previously he had pursued an interest in music, but having a family involved in the art world - his mother is painter Carol Pryharska, he was exposed to visual art at an early age and experimented with drawing, sculpture and assemblage before music absorbed his creative energies.

Prior to his move to Albuquerque, as lead guitarist he wrote, recorded and performed with his band throughout the Boston/New York area. An early stint in the art department at State University of New York at New Paltz convinced him to steer clear of an art education, but visual art was hi first and surviving interest. He drew, painted and experimented with sculptural-assemblage throughout his youth and into his college years, when music began to absorb most of his time and creative energies. When his band broke up in 1991 he went to Central America for six months to participate in an Interfaith Peace Walk in support of indigenous peoples - a response to the 500 year anniversary of Columbus’ ‘discovery’ of the Americas. When he settled in Albuquerque in 1992 his political convictions re-awakened the need to express himself through art.

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father and son heads with bubbles
Man on Vacation Portrait of Karla & Elizabeth Diptych - Torsos self portrait in appalachia
still life gold still life green still life pink
Throat 01 Throat 02 Throat 03 Throat 04 Throat 05 Throat 06

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