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Marianne Lovink


Marianne Lovink’s sculptures in cast resin, wood, steel, aluminum, rubber and plastic blur the distinctions between the familiar and unknown, emphasizing the visceral, sensual qualities of form. Marianne's work uses sexy organic shapes to dialogue directly with the human body and its vulnerable position at the intersection of twin evils: science and commerce.

Marianne has said “I draw my inspiration from a wide variety of sources - including the natural, scientific and artificial worlds - but it is the blending of these references and the resulting ambiguity of form that intrigues me. I am also interested in our perceptions of mutability and how we relate to hybrid forms in light of the more disquieting aspects of modern genetic research. By blurring the distinctions between familiar and the unknown and emphasizing the visceral, sensual qualities of the forms, I hope to disturb initial assumptions and engage the subconscious.”

Canada’s national newspaper, the Globe and Mail, calls Marianne Lovink ‘one of the bravest artists to come out of Canada in years.’ She has exhibited extensively in Canada and recently had her first public gallery solo show in Toronto - ‘Hallucigenia’ which was received to huge critical acclaim.

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Hanging Garden (detail) Viscera Specimen Series Capsule Series (detail)
Golgi's Stain Blister Marrow Gene:sis (detail)
Synapse virus Molecule Sensus
Nest Egg Tumbleweed Anther HornSeries

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