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David Hawe

David Hawe has been a photographer for over ten years. A graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design,. Hawe's photography has appeared in The New York Times; The Globe and Mail; Eye Weekly; The National Post; Xtra!; Macleans; Toronto Life; Flare; The Toronto Star; fab; American Theatre and the covers of three published works by Sky Gilbert. He has photographed many theatrical productions including Livent Inc; Soulpepper Theatre Company; Buddies in Bad Times Theatre and CanStage.

Artist's Statement about MATCH

MATCH is a group of re-discovered images created while working on other photo exhibits. The idea of MATCH came together for this, my first American show, by matching up images from different projects. It became apparent to me that there was a thread in the campy, vintage themes and objects I was playing with. MATCH is a collaboration of beautiful male bodies seen as sensual landscapes with a sense of humour.

The muscle boys are very seductive to me - I see the personality hidden under the beefcake. I try to create images that are fresh, disrupting the obvious homo erotic approach. Usually the faces of these boys, when seen in this context, are unclear. I choose not to show cocks therefore, the models are more willing to identify themselves instead of their genitalia.

When I was asked why I chose to show this work in black and white instead of colour I went back to what I know best - black and white photography. When the eye sees something in black and white the mind has to register everything a little slower - our eyes are used to a wide variety of colour, not the absence of colour. For this, I think the viewer is able to appreciate shade and contrast so much better.

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Hole Hearted Manimal Muscle Duck Sailor Boy Shy Boy Bruce with Towel #1 Bruce with Towel #2 Butch By the Horns Dark Indian

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