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KC Willis

showing at Pure,
29 May through 3 July 2001

  Annie O
Pure announces PureWillis - new and experimental work from KC Willis. In this new body of work KC Willis gives us sculptures and sanctuarios, as well as her well-loved textile hangings of heroic women, many from the wild west.

Everything living has texture. Life itself certainly does. The characteristics of an individual gives his or her personality the many layers, the different textures, that we either love or we hate, but we nonetheless remember.

KC Willis’ work is about textures. It is also about extremes: the familiarity of textiles we have seen all our lives, coupled with the newness of words never seen before or the unexpected pairing of tattered vintage cloth boldly wearing jewels. But the essence of what KC wants you to see, is the women from the past, women whose lives were lived so simply, yet so extraordinarily that we must hail them as heroes, since everything we are now able to be is a result of their strength, their fearlessness, their femininity. The textured layers they wore so many years ago became part of the stories they told. The textured layers she uses tells their stories again.

Santa Fe resident KC Willis was a painter when the idea of fibre collage came to her. She works on unprimed canvas that has been torn, laundered and stained with coffee and then frays the edges, tacking or gluing down old pillow ticking, vintage calico and old velvet brocades. In this new work she marries fabric with wood and three dimensional pieces. KC describes her work as ‘Fibre Fiction’.

PureWillis runs from May 29th to July 3rd with a reception on June 1st, 6-8pm.

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The Girl's Got a Gun Annie's Altar Ego Pretty With a Pistol Angels With Attitude Annie O

Cowboy Girl First Things The Rendering Sanctuario de Lu Lu Scrollox 1 & 2 Sitting Pretty Jennie

Gathering of Seven Seven of Pearls One Little Rifle Annie's Promise

Sweet Dreams Beloved Women of the West The Women

ChopTicking Girl Scout HalfCrazy Half Crazy 2

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