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Mitch Rayes
Mitch Rayes

Mitch Rayes is a poet, husband, father of two, translator, musician and full-time carpenter. He was born in Detroit in 1958, the son of an Irish nun and a Lebanese bomb-maker. He lived and worked in Chiapas, Mexico for nearly fifteen years. His home there was seized by armed indigenous rebels in 1994. He has produced five chapbooks of poetry, three books of translation and numerous recordings. He keeps odd hours. His poems have appeared in many small publications including Willow Street; Carp; Carnal Garage; Wild Dog Nights; Ridgelines; Vehicle and Wayne Review. Mitch has performed his poetry across the continent from San Cristobal to Ann Arbor and coast to coast. In addition to writing and performing his work, Mitch is the founder and president of Flaming Tongues, has produced the Albuquerque Poetry Festival and the New Mexico Small Press Book Fair. He is also the publisher of The Tongue - Albuquerque’s monthly poetry newsletter.

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