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Peter Rabbit
Peter Rabbit

Peter Rabbit wants to be remembered as the Don King of poetry. He has relentlessly promoted poets and their work since the mid 1950s. Rabbit's poems appear irregularly in the literary magazine, The Exquisite Corpse. He studied poetry with Charles Olson at Black Mountain College, performed at the legendary Five Spot in New York and has continued a poetry/jazz tradition that began in the 1940s and flourished in the Beat era.

Perhaps best known locally as a founding light of Drop City, Libre, Taos Poetry Circus, SOMOS, and the World Poetry Bout Association, Rabbit has been on the cutting edge of poetry and communitarian movements his whole life, he first lived in Taos in 1954 along with local poets of that time, Judson Crews, Richard Duerden and Max Finstein. He has six books (poetry and prose) to his credit and is a founding member of The Luminous Animal, the jazz/poetry ensemble which has been performing since the early 80's.

In addition to his work as a poet and community innovator, as Peter Douthit he has worked as a motel desk clerk, chef, food and beverage manager, teacher, tutor, substance abuse counselor, house parent, census enumerator, organic farmer, bartender, fund raiser, horticulturist, etc. In other words he has lived in Taos a long time and knows how to do whatever it takes to make a living.

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